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In the summer of 2006, Jean Paul Yamamoto did a special performance at LACE for it's "The ReCut Project." A program put together the great Ming-Yuen S. Ma. On Friday, Nov. 9th at 8pm Jean Paul Yamamoto (with a full band) will do a mini-version of their performance at that event as well as a full-set! And it's FREE!
Read down below for the hardcore info: RECUT REDUX REJOICE! (NO REWIND)
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
6522 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 323.957.1777

Join us on Friday, Nov. 9th to celebrate the completion of the ReCut Documentary. The World Premiere of this video will include a screening, special performance by Jean Paul Yamamoto, and other surprises! Catering by
Good Girl Foods

The ReCut Project was based on Yoko Ono's instructions for the Cut Piece (1964-66). Conceived and directed by Los Angeles based media artist Ming-Yuen S. Ma for the exhibition Draw a Line and Follow It, the ReCut Project featured weekly performances at LACE, with interpretations of Ono's text by Justin Chin, Toxic Titties, Lun*na Menoh, Osuna, Amitis Motevalli, Jocelyn Matsuo, and Catherine Lord. The video documents these performances through live footage and interview with the artists.
Doors open at 7:30pm, screening & performance starts at 8pm This event is free and open to the public For more information on the ReCut Project, go to:
ReCut Project

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