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After their world tour, Sukho Lee and vocalist Lun*na Menoh of Seksu Roba decided to work on other projects. Lun*na's 'Jean Paul Yamamoto' is a combination or music and theatrics. With her aesthetic roots in Oskar Schlemmer's Bauhaus theater productions combined with the love for punk rock, dance music, showbiz glitter and Japanese Enka, Jean Paul Yamamoto merges the world of performance art with a pop music sensibility. The J-Girls, Moeko and Ayako, serve up as back up singers as well as human dress mannequins dressed and designed by Lun*na. Ex-Devo drummer Alan Myers and guitarist Shin Kawasaki ( are also part of the mix that makes Jean Paul Yamamoto into a dynamic live intense show. Jean Paul Yamamoto is a combination of high fashion, art performance, rock n' roll theatrics and intense sounds that border on Pop, Punk, Electro-Funk and Enka.
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photo by "Nana"

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