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08-lunna.jpg Lun*na Menoh is a Japanese born Renaissance artist who lives in Los Angeles. Her work deals with fashion, clothing and exposing the invisible thread between performance and fabric by making sculpturesque dresses, paintings, and a series of fashion shows with her conceptual but wearable outfits.

Starting In 1999, She made a number of paintings, of men's white dress shirts that are given a dirty stained ring around the collar.  In early 2000, she started making music with the bands Seksu Roba and her own group Jean Paul Yamamoto,  Currently her band  is  Les Sewing Sisters, which their pop songs are about dresses and dress making, but approached by experimental touches such as using the sewing machine as a music instrument.


-music collaboration with Adult.gDetroit House Guest,h Detroit
-solo exhibition gDirty Laundry,h SPARC gallery, Pasadena, California
-group exhibition gArt Island Tokyo,h Tokyo, Japan
-group exhibition gArtorama,h Edouard Paradis Gallery, Marsaille, France

-art fashion show gA Ring Around The Collar,h Michael Kohn gallery, Los Angeles
-the book gA Ring Around The Collarh published by Tam Tam Books, Los Angeles

-art performance gCertification of your dirty collar,h the Velaslavasay Panorama, Los Angeles
-group exhibition gSun of the Beach,h Deris Bran Studio, Marsaille, France

-formed the art collective Les Sewing Sisters. Music with Tsugumi Takashi/composer, producer
-duo exhibition with Adam Lee Miller " C.A.J. Artist-in-residence show",
the Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan

-fashion show "Maximum Miniature, " Music by Les Sewing Sisters,
Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles

-solo exhibition " Ring Around the Collar / Musician, "
Track 16 Gallery , Los Angeles

-fashion show " Headdress 2009, " Royal/T, Culver City, Los Angeles

-Jean Paul Yamamoto, art performance " Improvised Sewing, "
Royal/T, Lallure, Los Angeles
-Jean Paul Yamamoto, art performance "Improvised Sewing, "
Royal/T, Culver City, Los Angeles
-design work " Maid Cafe Uniforms," Royal/T, Los Angeles
-fashion show "Lun*na Menoh: Couture Salvage,"
Music by Jean Paul Yamamoto, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles

-group exhibition for Paper magazine " Fulfull Your Sexual Desire In The Playmate's Confession Tent," LACE, Los Angeles
-design work for a opening event for "Takashi Murakami" at MOCA, Los Angeles

-Jean Paul Yamamoto performance " Re Cut ,Tribute To Yoko Ono," LACE, Los Angeles
-solo exhibition " 1998-2006 " and fashion show " Ring Around the Collar." Music by Jean Paul Yamamoto, Track 16 Gallery , Los Angeles
-group exhibition "Queen of the Night," Berman / Turner project , Los Angeles

-group show "Nouvelle Nuptials New Visions in Wedding Traditions, " Museum of Craft and Design, San Francisco
-Seksu Roba performed at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara
-formed the band Jean Paul Yamamoto
-group exhibition " Twisted Christmas," BGH Gallery Los Angeles
-received an art grant for "Ring Around the Collar" fashion show,
Peter S. Reed Foundation, New York

-group exhibition "the Leopard Spots: Between Art , Performance and Club Culture," 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA
-Seksu Roba, LA weekly music award nominated the best album
-Seksu Roba performed at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, "Side Street Project." Los Angeles

-group fashion event at MOCA opening for "Andy Warhol Retrospective," Los Angeles
-Seksu Roba, LA Weekly music award nominated Best Dance Music
-Seksu Roba performed at MOCA opening party for "Lucian Freud, "
Los Angeles

-joined a band "Seksu Roba" and toured in Europe ( Germany , Italy, France )
-fashion show " Ring Around the Collar," ARC Studio, Los Angeles
-group exhibition "East, " Norwich gallery, Norfolk, UK
-design work , costume for opera " The Woman Who Forgot Her Sweater,"
The Ford Theater, Los Angeles

-group exhibition "Primordial/Soup to Nuts," Dirt Gallery, Los Angeles

-group exhibition "Precious," Jan Baum, Los Angeles
-fashion show " Spring-Summer 1770-1998," Art Share, Los Angeles
-group exhibition "Addressing the Century - 100 Years of Art & Fashion,"
Hayward Gallery, London, UK

-fashion show " He(ad)dress," Jan Baum, Los Angeles
-group exhibition "Yard Sale," Special k Exhibition, Los Angeles

-group exhibition "Lovers Labors Lost, " Site Gallery, Los Angeles

-group exhibition "Action Station Exploring Open Systems," Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, California
-group exhibition "Felicity," Jan Baum, Los Angeles

-solo exhibition "Boutique Mystique," Laguna Art Museum Satellite,
Cosa Mesa, California

-group exhibition "Salon de Lun*na," Sue Spaid Fine Art , Los Angeles

-fashion show " Dress for Poet," Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center,
Venice, California

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